Networking of technology and expertise

Panel building is situated in a remarkable field of tension:
An almost unmanageable number of technical features in the face of fast-changing customer requirements, high cost and price pressure with tight deadlines. This can only succeed if the possibilities opened up by automation and digitalization are adopted to create a perfect interaction between product, process and production equipment. Currently, there is a lack of consistent, economical solutions that meet the individual needs of the cabinet builder.

Digitalisation as a lever

Digitalisation as a lever

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Productivity can only be successfully increased by taking a comprehensive view to the individual aspects of the value chain. Huge efficiency increases can be achieved taking advantage of the optimisation potential that exists in the interfaces between the individual process steps. The companies Weidmüller, Komax, Zuken, Armbruster Engineering and nVent Hoffman / Steinhauer have launched the SMART CABINET BUILDING initiative in order to enable control cabinet building to tap this potential with tailored, consistent solutions.

Faster, more flexible and more economical production - this is the goal of the initiative with its holistic automation solutions. The focus is on identifying optimization potential and tapping into it with solutions available today.

Dr. Christian Dülme, Head of Automated Cabinet Building, Weidmüller

Solving today's challenges

The aim of SMART CABINET BUILDING is to provide integrated solutions for current and future challenges in the area of cabinet building by networking technology and expertise across all process steps. This ranges from component selection to the pre-assembly of wire harnesses, equipment and housings, right through to assisted final assembly and testing prior to commissioning.

The base for networking the process steps is the “digital twin”, a complete digital description of the control panel and its components that can be used to drive the various process steps.

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Our solutions in detail


Smart Cabinet Building Webinar Series

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In our webinar series you can learn more about the Smart Cabinet Building Initiative, the participating partners and their solutions. We alternate between detailed reports on technology topics and general developments of the initiative.


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