ELAM Software

For over 20 years our ELAM software provides optimum worker guidance, secure process control and complete traceability. The digital work instructions help to achieve a stable, economical and error-free production!

ELAM Software

Perform manual processes safely - with the ELAM system

The ELAM system is a digital production platform that receives data at all connected workstations, provides information, performs assistance functions and stores process results. ELAM creates agile and flexible productions by supporting employees with digital work instructions. It is used internationally in all areas of production and has already proven itself on over 1,500 workstations.

In case of electrical cabinet production, ELAM is used where automated processes are not economical. In manual assembly of terminal rails, mounting plates and the cabinets. All activities are supported by digital work instructions. The contents are automatically derived from the digital data of the control cabinet, so that no work preparation is required. This enables production in batch size 1.

Required Information for the assembly is displayed on the screen or projected directly onto the product. Picking operations are supported by Pick To Light systems and validated by scanning. Electronic tools help to record, validate and document assembly data. ELAM allows the connection of various tools from the Armbruster Engineering product range, but also the connection of your own, commercially available tools through our specific ELAM controllers.

Overall a stable non-failure production with low costs is received.

Your advantages with Armbruster solution

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

The use of digital work instructions and assistance systems enables employees to be quickly trained and reduces search times. It is not required to spend time on looking up circuit diagrams and CAD models. Due to the fact that the content of the work instructions are automatically derived from the digital data, no effort is required for work preparation. Additionally, pre-picked order volumes reduce the time required for material logistics. By using ELAM system loss times are reduced which automatically leads to lower costs.

Reduce errors

Reduce errors

Important information and the position of terminals and components are projected directly onto the product. Pick to Light controls the picking of the right components. The picking is detected by manual confirmation or automatically by a sensor. The ELAM system monitors the picked parts to avoid using wrong parts. Connected tools are controlled and monitored, the process results are automatically recorded. Overall, rework is avoided and errors are reduced.

Flexible production

Flexible production

The ELAM system helps to achieve a flexible production through type-specific work instructions and process monitoring. Even changing orders with low quantities up to batch size 1 can be processed quickly, efficiently and safely. Traceability is ensured by automatic data recording. This not only reduces your effort, but also enables you to efficiently place orders with increased product quality and economy.

The ELAM E4-platform in electrical cabinet production

Picking of components

The ELAM system ensures the picking of important components according to the order. The employee is guided by the mobile ELAM assistant and the picking is detected manually or by scanning. The connection of a Pick to Light system additionally minimizes search times.

In the ELAM Sequencer the order sequence has been planned previously so that employees are always provided with the right components for an order in the desired sequence. This saves time in material preparation and ensures a smooth order flow.

Component Assembly

Terminals and components that cannot be mounted automatically on the rail are added manually with the help of the ELAM system. The ELAM assistant guides the employee through the assembly process and displays required information such as part numbers on the screen. The position on the mounting rail where to mount the terminal is projected directly onto the product. The necessary data for the work instruction is automatically derived from the digital configuration.

With ELAM controllers, electronic tools can be connected to the system. As a result, assembly processes can be guided, monitored and documented. The ELAM system enables a cost-effective but secure manual assembly for your mounting rails.

Assembly of mounting plates

The assembly of mounting plates requires the delivery of prepared wire harnesses, fully assembled mounting rails and other components. All components are assembled in a systematic sequence and the correct position where to place the component is projected directly onto the mounting plate by the ELAM assistant. Electrical tools can be controlled and monitored.

For the digital work instruction, a component list is imported directly from the circuit diagram into the ELAM system. This enables a guided assembly without any preparation efforts.

Final Assembly

The employee is guided and supported during the installation of the electrical cabinet and further components by the ELAM system. A final product picture completes the assembly. The production data already generated by the mounting plate, is transferred to the product life cycle archive of the housing.

This ensures complete traceability in relation to the individual electrical cabinet. All data can be displayed on the ELAM web server. In addition to numerous evaluation options, the ELAM web server also offers data export for further processing to Microsoft Excel.

Industrial Manufacturing Systems with ELAM

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Fast Delivery Service

The economical production of electrical is a big challenge due to the fact, that the customer configuration is performed online and the delivery must be realized within a few days. The ELAM system supports by guiding the employees at the assembly stations with digital work instructions. So the fastest processing time for the installation of the terminals is enabled and a maximum quality is achieved. On the line, mounting rails are cut to length according to the customer's configuration and manufactured with terminals, markers, connector bridges and accessories. The ELAM systems projects the positions where the terminals have to be placed and the markers and connector bridges are to be mounted, directly onto the rail. Additionally, a Pick to Light system ensures the picking of the correct components. At the end of assembly, an image of the complete terminal rail documented in the ELAM system for traceability reasons.

Production of energy storage devices with the ELAM system

For Deutsche Accumotive GmbH & Co. KG Armbruster Engineering ensures the production of stationary energy storage systems according to the highest technological standards. Due to the use of ELAM, the appropriate digital work instruction is displayed at any time at the assembly workstation. Additionally, an EOL test and a packaging station are equipped with ELAM. Pick to Light modules guide employees step by step through the work processes. Furthermore, the ELAM system records all installed components and stores the corresponding work steps and measured values in order to ensure reliable and durable products. ELAM guarantees that no work step is forgotten and everything is done well.

End of Line Coupler Test

Together with a mechanical engineering partner, Armbruster Engineering developed a fully adaptable test used for functional testing of rail couplers for its client Voith SE. Interactive work instructions are displayed at the test terminals in order to guide the employee through the extensive final test, during which the coupling process is executed mechanically several times and the data is confirmed by the employee directly at the terminal. On-site training by Armbruster Engineering ensures that every worker is able to carry out the correct and appropriate work steps. The production results can reviewed via the ELAM web server or corresponding printouts.


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