Semi-automation in cable assembly

Minimise errors and increase efficiency in the planning and installation phase of panel building

 Semi-automation in cable assembly

Increase the efficiency of your manufacturing process by up to 80 %

According to the study “Panel building 4.0“ by the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units of the University of Stuttgart in classic panel building, 72 % of the working time in the installation phase is required for wiring and mechanical assembly.

The Weidmüller Wire Processing Center (WPC) addresses exactly these issues. Software-controlled, semi-automated cable assembly considerably accelerates production processes and at the same time ensures the highest quality standards.

Time savings

Time savings

The use of automatic machines decreases processing times and thus contributes to a general increase in manufacturing process efficiency.

High flexibility

High flexibility

In the system approach, individual components of the WPC can be removed from the process sequence or they can be used in their individual functions in stand-alone mode.

Excellent quality

Excellent quality

Consistently high quality through the use of semi-automated machines.

Comparison of solutions for cable assembly

The market offers panel builders a wide array of solutions for cable assembly ranging from manual to fully automated. Participants in the study “Panel building 4.0“ see the highest potential for improvement and savings in the installation phase in solutions aimed at standardisation and the preassembly of cables.

Weidmüllers Wire Processing Center ticks all these boxes and more. For a medium sized investment panel builders received a semi-automated solution with a modular concept. It can be easily integrated into existing manufaturing processes, while providing maximum flexibility. Additionally panel builders profit from reduced time expenditure and receive excellent quality results.

Intuitive operation and software-controlled processing via touch screen

The various components have a modular setup and communicate with each other through the implemented interfaces via the WPC software. The included planning software WPC Tool ensures optimal data consistency. In this way CAE data from the planning phase can be easily transferred to the WPC and used for cable assembly. Visualised on the touch screen, the software-controlled processing of individual wire orders significantly improves process reliability.

High degree of flexibility with consistently high quality

The WPC is characterised by its flexibility. In the system approach, individual components can be removed from the process sequence, e.g. for subsequent marking, or they can be used in their individual functions in stand-alone mode. Even short term changes, which frequently occur in the project business, can be easily integrated. Thanks to intuitive operation and accelerated processing, additional production capacity can be made available, thus increasing overall output.

Different cable feeds for cable reels and cartons

Switching to our WPC will revolutionize your workplace. You can vary the type and amount of different cable feeds for cable reels to suit your projects easily and flexibly. Shelves for the reliable supply of wire end ferrules and markers ensure everything you need for wire processing is in its place and conveniently within reach. The well thought out WPC ensures interruptions, with long walking distances to storage or warehouses, as well as messy and inefficient workplaces are a thing of the past.

Easy. Flexible. Efficient.

The WPC combines proven components into a modular assembly system consisting of cable processing machines and industrial printers. It provides you with utmost flexibility, reliability, and an efficiency increase of up to 80 %.

Explore our innovative WPC

Explore our innovative WPC

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Get to know our new product, the Wire Processing Center. In addition to the product characteristics you will learn more about the handling of the WPC and the accessories.

WPC enables automation in control cabient building

The Wire Processing Center in use at Sikom-Essra, plant manufacturer from Wilhelmsburg an der Traisen

The Wire Processing Cetner as part of Workplace Solutions

We support panel builders around the world and understand the challenges they face. That's why we offer you well thought-out products and solutions of excellent quality for every step in panel building. This is how we create added value for you and your customers. Benefit from our know-how.


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