Electrical Engineering

E3.series from Zuken is a concurrent engineering solution for electrical engineering that meets advanced requirements for electrical documentation, control cabinet and wiring harness design, and machine assembly and installation.

Electrical Engineering

A scalable software solution for control cabinet engineering & manufacturing

E3.series from Zuken is a true concurrent engineering solution supporting advanced requirements for electrical documentation, cabinet and wiring harness design and automated assembly.

E3.series facilitates an efficient and accurate design and manufacturing process for electrical and fluid planning, cable planning, cabinet layout and wire harness design. E3.series provides an integrated and consistent design approach that helps to eliminate errors, improve quality and reduce design time.

With its centralized management of all relevant data, E3.series generates a "digital twin" that underpins all processes throughout the engineering and manufacturing process.

E3.series from Zuken compelling advantages

All views and documents contained in one single project

All views and documents contained in one single project

E3.series projects contain all views of a design - from schematics to cabinet layout and data outputs for manufacturing and assembly.

Components incorporating electrical 'intelligence

Components incorporating electrical 'intelligence

Intelligent component libraries support the design process with automatic component selection and real-time control checks, thus helping to avoid errors.

Electro-mechanical engineering in an interdisciplinary environment

Electro-mechanical engineering in an interdisciplinary environment

E3.series is open for integration with MCAD systems, offering a complete engineering solution from concept to physical implementation.

The automation of control cabinet engineering and production has a significant potential to ensure an efficient production in an on-shore environment. The digital twin generated in E3.series provides an ideal basis to achieve substantial benefits

Joachim Frank, Managing Director, Zuken E3 GmbH

Providing the Digtital Twin for Smart Cabinet Building

Providing the Digtital Twin for Smart Cabinet Building

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E3.series is a powerful engineering environment for the digital planning, documentation and manufacturing support in the switch cabinet construction and cable harness production The consistency of all data and development steps is guaranteed by design tools with electrical intelligence which are controlled by a central system database

E3.series applications at a glance

Cabinet layout & routing in 2D & 3D

E3.panel cabinet layout software allows engineers to layout components inside panel enclosures in both 3D and 2D. Intelligent automatic snapping points allow parts to be easily placed in their correct location. Clashes can be prevented with keep-out and height restrictions.

E3.panel is dynamically integrated with E3.schematic and E3.cable. Users can easily navigate between the panel and schematic, and changes to either are immediately reflected.

Mechanical housing and mounting plate machining

E3.CutOut generates data with one click that can be read in on all common machining centres for mechanical housing and mounting plate production.

In addition, a drawing can be generated in the E3 sheet for documentation purposes.

Digitally Assisted Control Cabinet Wiring

E3.WiringCockpit provides digital assistance for control cabinet wiring on a portable terminal device. The wiring path in the control cabinet will be highlighted and all additional information relevant for the user will be provided.

The complete of every wiring connection can be confirmed with a click and the next wire will be displayed. The wiring progress is fully documented. In case of an interruption, work can be resumed at exactly the same point.

Verification of fully wired cabinets

E3.WiringChecks supports the testing of a fully wired machine, vehicle or control cabinet before or during the commissioning phase. Results can be documented as part of the E3 data record. The error descriptions can be accessed by all relevant departments from engineering to production and assigned issues can be accessed and processed. In this way, error correction and follow-up checks can be carried out in a controlled process


E3.ConnectivityBrowser is a technology available within the E3.series product family, which allows existing connection information to be automatically visualized as circuit diagram representations. E3.ConnectivityBrowser is an innovative solution from Zuken that allows the visualization of circuits for specific use cases. Using the connection data available in E3.series or connection information imported via a wire list, the required sections of a circuit can be prepared and displayed graphically in a fraction of a second.

Data Portal - Component Cloud

The Zuken Component Cloud for E3.series provides online access to free, validated, high-quality electrical component data to users of Zuken’s E3.series electrical design tools.The Zuken Component Cloud for E3.series is provided through a cooperation with CADENAS, a leading provider of online component libraries. Libraries are provided directly by the manufacturers of the respective electronic components. Each library entry is classified into one of three qualification levels.

Schematic and cable diagrams

E3.schematic provides electrical engineers with an easy-to-use solution for designing and documenting electrical control systems including schematic diagrams, terminal plans and PLCs.

E3.schematic is core to all E3.series modules. It manages all design data, including affiliated documents such as bill of materials, connection lists, assembly instructions and datasheets. Its object oriented data structure ensures manufacturing instructions always match the design data.

Additional E3.series software applications

Zuken's E3.series software solution suite is supplemented by a comprehensive portfolio of additional software modules. From free viewers to a comprehensive engineering data management solution with authorization concepts, revision and configuration management and PLM/ERP integration, all engineering processes in electrical engineering are covered.

Test Drive

E3.series Test-Drive gives you the opportunity to form your own opinion about the possibilities of E3.series. It is a web-based guided tour that guides you through the creation of two design examples using real E3.series software.

Customer Success Stories

KRONE implements a cross-disciplinary development process

Using Zuken’s E3.series, KRONE linked ECAD, MCAD and ERP to develop an integrated digital engineering and sourcing process, achieving sizable benefits for both sourcing and service.

With an integral representation of mechanical and electrical product information, KRONE was able to make solid progress in implementing its major business optimization strategies: Industry 4.0 and Farming 4.0.

  • Visible quality leap in harness design
  • Electrical product development process reengineering
  • Manufacturing and assembly documentation
  • Best-in-class approach
  • An important step on the way to the Digital Twin


Kellenberger develops and produces numerically-controlled precision grinding machines and systems for sectors such as automotive, medical devices and industrial machinery.

  • The Swiss-based manufacturer rintroduced Zuken’s E3.series to automate the generation of schematics for customer-specific machine configurations, cutting the time taken by more than 90%.
  • Up to 90% time reduction for generating electrical documentation
  • Simplified machine configuration process using options and variants
  • Significantly reduced effort to generated customized set of electrical documentation
  • Automatic generation of individual schematics

Pantec Automation

"By using E3.series we were able to realise immense operational efficiencies inhouse and saved costs, plus we have also helped our customers be more efficient and competitive in their markets."

Markus Hanefeld, Sales Manager, Pantec Automation

Müller Martini

Müller Martini supplies highly flexible, customized print processing machines to the graphics industry. The Swiss-based company took the replacement of an end-of-life CAD installation as an opportunity to re-engineer established procedures in electrical engineering and handover to production.

By introducing E3.series, up to 80% off all machine configurations can now be selected from the feature tree of one single E3.series project. They also use E3.series data for NC control in cabinet manufacturing to cut overall manufacturing costs.

  • Cost reduction in cabinet product through direct re-sue of drilling and machining data from E3.series
  • Error reduction through cross-section and terminal checks
  • Up to 80% of all variants stored and retrieved directly in the E3.series feature tree
  • Smooth flow of information between engineering, production and sourcing


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